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Nasal Drug Delivery

A look at best practices for testing nasal drug delivery devices

Maria Smith, senior manager & Charles Shaw, scientific advisor, Renaissance Lakewood LLC01.25.19

Nasal spray devices are used to deliver both locally and systemically acting pharmaceutical products, and are readily available in the marketplace in unit dose and metered multi-dose formats. Unit dose devices are used to treat conditions such as migraine pain (Imitrex and Zomig), cancer pain (Instanyl), vitamin B12 deficiency (Nascobal), and heroin overdose (Narcan); multi-dose devices are for conditions such as allergy (Flonase, Nasacort), sinus congestion (Mucinex Sinus, Similisan Nasal Allergy Relief), cold relief  (Zicam), migraine pain (Migranal), pain management (Sprix) and nocturia (Noctiva).

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