We have state-of-the-art facilities and new equipment with ample capacity to support your product.

Over the last five years we have invested over $100M into our facilities to improve our capabilities and expand capacity.


Renaissance recognizes that patient care relies on quality pharmaceutical drugs that have gained the confidence of healthcare professionals. We are working passionately as a trusted contract manufacturer of pharmaceutical products that you can trust to be time-tested, safe, reliable and proven.

With decades of experience and our state-of-the-art facility in Lakewood, NJ, we can develop and manufacture a broad range of sterile and/or environmentally controlled products. From early-stage development through final production, Renaissance has the expertise and resources you need for success.

As we have grown, we continue to invest heavily in our facilities in order to expand capacity and maintain high levels of quality. From our laboratories to our filling and packaging equipment, we have the latest technology and equipment.

Manufacturing and Commercializing

Our facilities and equipment are designed to support projects from development to commercial scale

Formulation and Method Development

We have the laboratories and equipment required to support R&D for every aspect of a project.

Small batch manufacturing

Our small batch equipment is perfectly suited for small R&D batches and clinical batches.

Commercial Manufacturing

Our high speed filling and packaging equipment utilize the newest technology and have capacity available to support new commercial programs.

pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly line icon
Manufacturing Suites
  • Sterile filling suites
    • Small-Volume Parenteral Suite (Fill Finish 2-100mL Vials)
    • In-line vial washing and dehydrogenation
    • Small-Volume Parenteral Suite (Fill Finish Vials & Multi-Dose Nasal Sprays)
    • All Fillers are equipped with RABS (restricted access barrier system)
  • Grade C filling suites
    • Multiple unit-dose, bi-dose, and sublingual suites
    • Multi-dose nasal spray
    • Small scale filling suite for unit-dose, bi-dose, and multi-dose nasal sprays
    • Multiple compounding suites, with XP-rating
material handling and storage icon
Material Handling & Storage
  • DEA Class I-V Storage
  • ICH Stability Storage
  • 2-8°C Refrigerated Storage
  • Onsite WFI production
  • Explosion proof (XP) capability
microscope icon
  • Spray characterization
  • Micro
  • QC analytical testing
  • R&D formulation development