Photo Compliments of Aptar

This device in combination with the drug product we manufacture delivers 100 micro grams of liquid to the patient. These prime less, easy-to-use systems require one-handed actuation have 360° functionality and precise nasal drug delivery. 


These are applicable for therapies where a small and very precise amount of active drug formulation is required in a single nasal shot. Some of these therapies delivered intra-nasally require high deposition in targeted areas of the nasal cavity. The nose-to-brain pathway which may allow therapeutic compounds to enter the CNS requires the targeting of the upper part of the nasal cavity or “the olfactory region”.


This device in combination with the drug product we manufacture delivers up to 200 micro grams of liquid to the patient over two nasal sprays.  This device is applicable for therapies where a very precise amount of active drug formulation that exceeds 100μl is required.

For both micro-dose products vial stoppering is critical to device performance. 

Renaissance offers both mechanical and vacuum stoppering on both clinical and commercial scale fillers. 

Photo Compliments of Aptar





Renaissance has the capability to fill and seal multi-dose nasal sprays in a variety of formats including snap cap, crimp and continuous thread closures.

Photo Compliments of Aptar (Blue Pump)
Photo Compliments of Silgan (Red Pump)


Renaissance has a state of the art nasal spray characterization and bioequivalence lab.   We have the ability to develop and validate all your nasal spray methods including:

  • Spray Pattern

  • Plume Geometry

  • Droplet Size Distribution

  • Particle Size Distribution

  • Actuation Parameters

  • Priming and Re-Priming

  • Tail off Characteristics

  • Spray Content Uniformity

  • Cascade Impaction


Secondary Packaging

We offer multiple blister packaging, insert placement, and cartoning solutions for the product we manufacture.



We can serialize your product to meet current and future FDA and EMA requirements.

We offer both in-line and off-line solutions to support your program requirements.

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