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Supporting nasal product R&D and clinical manufacturing at Renaissance

February 21, 2024

Renaissance Lakewood, LLC: Breathing excellence into nasal product R&D and clinical manufacturing

Offering the potential of fast action, increased bioavailability and an improved patient experience, delivery through the highly vascularized and immunogenic nasal mucosa is becoming an increasingly sought-after administration route. With the pharma industry progressively opting for intranasal drug delivery over oral or parenteral routes, the global nasal drug delivery technology market has steadily grown, reaching $19 billion in 2022 and growing to $30 Billion in 2030[1].

However, for pharma companies to realize the potential of nasal delivery and for their therapeutic to successfully reach patients, they must first navigate the challenges of research and development (R&D) and clinical manufacturing.

At Renaissance Lakewood, we leverage our history of reliably supporting R&D and clinical manufacturing of nasal products, applying the lessons learned to overcome difficulties and meet evolving project needs. From one state-of-the-art campus,

we provide a solid foundation from early development to seamlessly progress your nasal product toward the market and the patients who need it.

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