Experience Makes the Difference.


  • Contract Development and Manufacturing

  • 310,000 Square Feet of Infrastructure

  • Over 500 Employees

  • Sterile and Low-Bioburden Dosage Form Solutions

  • Sterile Processing Capabilities

  • On-site, Fully-Integrated QC, Spray Characterization, Testing, and Micro Laboratories

  • $100 million in Facility and Equipment Enhancements Over Last 5 Years


 Grade A  Sterile Filling Suites

  •  Small-Volume Parenteral Suite (Fill Finish Vials)

  • Small-Volume Parenteral Suite (Fill Finish Vials)/Multi-Dose Nasal Sprays

  • All Fillers are equipped with RABS (restricted access barrier system)


Fully Automated  Vial Cartoner

  • Multi-Pack

  • Labeler

  • Serialization

 Grade C Filling Suites

  • Multi-Dose Nasal Spray, Unit Dose, Bi-Dose, and Sublingual Spray


 Micro Dose Assembly Machines​

  • Assemble Device around Filled Vial

  • Label Device

  • Blister Pack & Carton Device

  • Serialize End Unit

Classified Processing & Support Suites, Including XP-Rated Compounding Suite and State-of-the-Art Equipment Wash & Prep Area

  • Production Support

  • DEA Class I-V Storage

  • ICH Stability Storage

  • 2-8°C Refrigerated Storage

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